With a birthday party in March, heading out to the swimming pool isn’t an option.  So instead, we dove down to the bottom of the ocean with an Under The Sea party. The 5×7 cardstock invitations were created digitally using purchased digital clip art and fonts.
When the children arrived, they received a beach pail with their name printed on a tag.  In the bucket was a small bag with a craft foam fish project.  They sat at the kitchen table and assembled the project while we waited for the other children to arrive.
The activities moved around the house to keep the children interested.
  1. Treasure Chest:  A chest filled with rafia and prizes.  Each child got to search for one prize and put it in their bucket.
  2. Beach Pail Toss:  The children took turns tossing 3 fish shaped water squirters into beach pails.  If they made “a basket” they received a sticker.
  3. Nemo pinata: Filled with candy, each child got to take 2 swings.
  4. Face painting: Purchased face painting crayons at a local craft store.
  5. Pin the Waterspout on the Whale:  I enlarged the whale using a die-cut machine.  Using the same die-cut machine, I cut a waterspout for each child and wrote their name on it. Each child received a pencil for their attempt.
  6. Picture Board Photo:  I purchased a picture board from an online party company.  Each child had their picture with their head in the picture board.  I then used the photos as the cover to their Thank You note.
  7. Musical Fish: I cut up big fish out of construction paper. Each fish was a different color. First the children sat with me and called out the colors of the fish, then I spread the fish around the room (an area big enough for dancing around in).  Then I played music from “Little Mermaid” and the kids either had to mimic my dancing or do their own dance. When the music stopped, they had to find a fish to stand on. I would call out one of the colors and that child would come up to get a prize (sand toys) and put it in their bucket.  We kept playing until all the children got a prize.

An Under The Sea lunch was served. The Treasure Chest cupcakes were the perfect backdrop to the theme and an instant hit with the kids.

Kids Party

  • Octopus Hot Dogs
  • Ham and Cheese Starfish Sandwich
  • Whale Crackers
  • Fish Jell-O Jigglers
  • Treasure Chest Cupcakes
  • Blue Kool-Aid
Adult Party
  • Chili with fixings
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Peachy Spinach Salad
  • Crackers, cheese, ham and turkey slices
  • Pickles
  • Under the Sea Tiered Cake

Under the Sea Cake | BareWoodenSpoon.com